Drums Lessons

“A good pedagogue is someone who, after validating with his student the coherence between his objectives and the means he gives himself, accompanies him by indicating the paths to take to achieve this.”

Geographic area : Aix-en-ProvenceSaint-CannatPuyricardVenellesPertuisVillelaureCadenet – Le Puy Ste RéparadeMeyrarguesPeyrolles (other cities, ask us).

Lessons, given in French or English, are aimed at all levels by adapting teaching to the student profile, age and desires while making sure that the student take the fun progressing.

You can start at any time of the year.

Areas of expertise :

  • individual and collective progress within structures
  • home tutoring
  • master classes and music workshops
  • school-based interventions
  • coaching
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Various educational tools are used by students and the types of lessons, studied music styles and objectives that the student wants to achieve.


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The main areas of study are :
  • posture (position, balance, breathing)
  • the basic technique
  • the sense of tempo
  • flexibility
  • coordination
  • independence


are then discussed :
  • knowledge of styles (jazz, rock, funk, reggae, world, etc.)
  • listening and analysis
  • reading and writing 

Finally after some time:

  • complex styles (Latin, world, odds …)
  • polyrhythms
  • interaction as a drummer with a band, in rehearsal, live or studio.
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