Diril Cymbals



After working with the masters at Istanbul for about seven years, Ibrahim Diril and his brother Murat left Istanbul to form their own company. Moving to the Black Sea coast city of Samsun, they collaborated with the German company Meinl in the design and production of the “Byzance” line, which is still in production in Samsun.

Soon thereafter they partnered with Switzerland’s Paiste in the design and production of the “Twenty” line.  Both of these cymbal lines have gone on to have a reputation of excellence, and are known to most drummers as a return to the Turkish traditional hand made cymbal, by cutting edge companies.

Always learning, and feeling that he was ready to take the cymbal industry to a new level, Ibrahim thought it time to take the larger step and at the age of 32, Ibrahim left the company he had helped found with his brother Murat, and formed his own company to begin producing his own line of cymbals under the name Diril.



Ibrahim takes great pride in the fact that each cymbal is crafted from an ingot of bronze cast in his own foundry, rolled in his own mill. The cymbals are fired and milled numerous times to create a cross grain crystalline structure to then be sent to the hammering room where artisans hand hammer each cymbal until it reaches the high standards that only Diril can offer.

The different series (Traditional – Special – Jazz – AD – Sweet – Shiny – Copper – Raw – Raw Bell – “D” – Agressive – Bell – Big Bell – HammerXL –  Ocean) can satisfy all drummers and all styles of music .


Choose Diril is to possess high-end craft cymbals at affordable prices.


Carl_Diril_1   Carl Bouchaux after playing with dozens of leading brands of cymbals, had the opportunity to play two cymbals of the Jazz series who enthusiasm him.

He then gradually replaced its different sets, mainly by Jazz and AD series, and various cymbals Special series, Raw and Ocean to color his music.

He finally chose Diril as partenaire.



For more information, contact Diril France.